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International weddings has a special kind of athmosphere. Maybe it is because my own wedding was an international wedding, or maybe two nationalites becoming one over love, truly feels like something special! Emma and Halvor’s wedding was no different, a swedish speaking finn and a norwegian celebrating their wedding day in Osthrobothnia this lovely enf of july weekend. I truly enjoyed shooting every second of this wedding! A special mention has to be said about the most beautiful wedding ceremony with a personal touch. I could really feel Emma and Halvor’s personalities and their love for music in the ceremony. When the newlyweds danced their way out of the church to a live band and violin playing Rather be, I had chills!

The ceremony was held in Oravais church, portraits in the park around the Sandviksvillan in Vaasa and the reception at Carpella Strandlid at Lake Karperö. I was present for the ceremony, portrait session and 2 hours at the reception.

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